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WE ARE RIGHT – they are wrong

42-19463379We are right and they are wrong.

There might be a lot of questions, lots and lots of questions asked by those seeking, but we have in our possession the ONLYright answer. We do not engage with people different from us – that is what E-mergents do. We just shout at everybody that we have the answer and our answer is better – because we say so.

We are not interested in arguments for a new way of thinking. Arguments just confuse us and being confused is what E-mergents are. They don’t even agree with each other – how confusing is that??? Why do we need a new way of thinking if this one kept us ignorantsafe for so long and isolated those infidels that think differently from us? Why should we tamper with something that works… for us?

I know it’s not just me that hate those different from me and is never wrong. It is part of the identity of us religious people. We need to be right. That is how TRUE religion works.

42-15233726We have locked ourselves in this stronghold – an unmovable, solid and unshakable defence (until these E-mergents came along). If we bend, move or give in on any part of our stronghold it will break apart leaving us exposed to all sorts of doctrines. Our Truth stronghold needs to be defended, protected, guarded and maintained at ALL cost (If we have to lie we will). The idea is to keep foreign ideas out like this one. And that is what we are here to do! We are always angry, afraid and ready to attack anyone’s character who dares to disagree.

If this kind of faith doesn’t work for you we know you are not a REAL Christian like us. Don’t ask us to drink coffee with you. Don’t write comments we don’t like or ask us to prove anything (like accusations that emergents believe all gods are the same, all roads lead to heaven and that you can believe anything you want) – we will delete it. We know what you believe and don’t need to prove anything.

If we say it is so, it is so!

If someone says something we will tell you what they REALLY mean. Don’t waist your time looking for the source. NO! We will tell you what everybody and anybody mean when they say things. If what they say something and you think its means something different than what we say it means then either you are confused and wrong or they are, NOT US.

Will Farel XV
Hiding the Truth



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  1. Will, I am tempted to agree with you on this. However, you say this:

    “It is part of the identity of us religious people. We need to be right. That is how TRUE religion works.”

    You failed to mention the other great part or TRUE religion: DISunity! Being a true Christian is making sure that peace never reigns and that those silly, deranged E-Mergents who talk about unity and peace and love all the time know how much they are unlike Jesus.

    So, since you didn’t include in your little post the need for us to bring war instead of peace, disunity instead of unity, I am afraid I have to disagree with everything you say here. But this should make you happy – our disunity with each other is a sign that we are genuine Christians! See?


    Comment by Discerning The World | July 24, 2009 | Reply

    • My heart was filled with fear a moment ago as I started to feel a glimmer of love for you but after this comment I feel at ease that I’m no where near becoming E-mergent. I HATE YOU for disagreeing with me.

      Comment by Will Farel XV | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. This is hilarious! I think the only way to get across to some people is through satire like this. I hope more people come by and catch on to what the DTW2 site is really about. This is great.

    I wonder if you all might say something about the Joyce Meyer post she has over there. I left this comment when she claimed that Meyer is “Emergent” but of course, it did not get posted. She must have deleted it like she does every comment I make that asks for her to prove her accusations.

    Here is the comment I left:

    I am not a fan of Joyce Meyer at all and for some of the reasons you state.

    But she is not by any means an “emerging church” teacher or leader. Why would you think she is? Just because you disagree with her?

    Also, you say this:
    t works on the same principle as witchcraft’s The Wiccan Rede – “If no harm is done, do as you will”. Or the Emergent’s; The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.

    Why would you put a wiccan saying next to one of Jesus’ sayings and pass them off as the same thing? You do know that what you call “the Emergent’s” rule is really the way of Jesus, don’t you? Why would you disparage that or say it is like a Wiccan proverb?

    Do you think we shouldn’t do what Jesus commands us to do? Scripture teaches that if we love him we will. So then why make fun of those Christians who strive to do just that?

    grace and peace.

    Comment by Chad | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  3. Wait a minute…the only person ever right is me…and I will separate from you if you disagree…with me!

    Brilliant stuff…keep up the writing! (-:

    Comment by truthslayer | September 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. OH, no! Kanye West has something to say about Discerning the World’s site!

    Comment by Roger Saner | September 18, 2009 | Reply

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