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The Secret Identity of a Discernmentalist

I wrote an article in 2008 about the importance of keeping discernmentalists’ true identity secret. It came to my knowledge that since then there has been a renewed effort by Emergents to fish around for the identity of these precious protectors of our Truth. Last night my wife reminded me of this article and I decided to dust it off and give it a make over to speak to this very relevant issue (Not that I want to be relevant – that is something that the Seeker Movement and Emergents do). So here we go and to all who think they know who I am I say: “Bwahahhahaa…”


It came to my attention that certain people are investigating, searching and asking around to find the true identity behind Protector of the Truth Will Farel VX. This is unfortunate, for to seek after things that should stay hidden is a wild goose chase, becoming followers of beasts.

In a recent comment left on our About/Rules of Engagement page the commenter gave this bit of “wisdom”:

You know what else a true Christian would never do? Talk about folks anonymously on the internet whether their targets are “christian” or not…….

This poor soul has never felt the hate that we feel here because we tramplestand on the Truth. We undergo constant persecution on the Internet with people saying the most hateful things against us and even threatening us personally. All because we tell our Truth without compromising it by the Law of Love.

I learned from I.Todyaso that if you ever publish a photo of yourself that you should put a bag over your head. There are rumours that he and Carlos Iggy Shelton share the same body – that is preposterous! I have super discerning x-ray sight that can tell that there is much more hair under that bag than there is on Iggy’s head.

Better still than wearing a disguise is putting up a picture of something representing you but is not you. Something like a baby elephant; or of Calvin’s trusty sidekick, Hobbes.

It is of vital importance for a discerner to hide his/her identity in order to safe guard their reputation (in case people think we are soft and prone to love anyone beside ourselves) and even life. You never know when one of those emergent heretics decide to do some Transcendental Meditation and comes to haunt you in your very own home!

Will Farel XV
Hiding from for the Truth

P.S: This disqualifies quite a number of previously thought real discerners. Sorry Ingrid!

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