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robbell1The Emergent/New Age/Coffee-drinking legalists are at it again.   While they profess that they believe in grace they are really modern day Pharisees with nice glasses.  If only those glasses could help them see!

My fellow genuine Christians, these wolves in sheep’s clothing who confess grace with their mouths are slaves to the law.  One out-of-the-closet Emergent even admitted to us that he believed the Bible can be boiled down to this “law of love” they keep talking about.   LAW???  I offer one big convicting LOL to your LAW, Mr. Emergent!   

Obviously we are not under any law.  The Bible is quite clear on that.  We at Discerning the World refuse to answer to anyone’s “laws” and are committed to stand up for the TRUTH and will FIGHT for it at all costs.   Emergents are entrapped by the very thing our Jesus came to save us from and it is obvious in the ways they live their pathetic lives.  For instance, you will often find emergents sitting and eating with all sorts of vile people like drug addicts, prostitutes, prisoners and even gay people.  You will find them wasting their time building clean water wells in Africa or moving into urban gang-ridden areas to be a “presence of love and peace.”  LOL!   You might find them in worship services where they will let anyone in, not caring at all if they are genuine Christians or not.  And rarely will you find them telling someone they know online that they are going to hell and cast them out of their site as the Bible instructs  (yes, yes, yes…blah blah blah…I know.  Don’t even waste your time commenting to me, a genuine Christian, about how the instructions in Scripture regarding discipline was meant for people who are actually in communion and relationship with each other.   As if that even matters.  What does it matter to know someone’s name and they know yours before you cast judgment on them?  I mean, you don’t know my real name and I’m a genuine Christian and I judge others all the time.  The word tells us to.   I don’t need to go to church with you or get to know you before I discern you.  If you don’t like it, well, I don’t care.  Go whine to some emergent who will listen).  

So, where was I?  Oh, yes.   The Law of Love is foolishness.    Emergents will tell you that Jesus boiled the entire Bible down to love: Love God and neighbor. On this, they say, hangs the whole “story.”   Ha!   I think Jesus could have benefited from my discernment.   He obviously didn’t know what he was talking about or how people would twist his words.  I mean, if Christians really loved people and cared about others and acted humbly towards others, what sort of reputation would we have?   We at Discerning the World REFUSE to be known for our love.  We desire to be known for our TRUTH!   

We are at war people.  All is fair in love and war.   So put on your armor and join me in defeating this notion of love among Emergents.  We will be slaves to nothing except our own thinking!!!  Amen!

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